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    “Companies that manage and mitigate their exposure to climate-change risks while seeking new opportunities for profit will generate a competitive advantage over rivals in a carbon-constrained future.”

    Lash and Wellington, Harvard Business Review, 2007
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    "Improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes and equipment across Australia can deliver 23.9 million tonnes of emissions savings every year, while saving businesses $1.7 billion."

    ClimateWorks Australia 2014
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    "Our ability to build a strong Australia depends on our success in lowering business costs, improving competitiveness and protecting the environment for current and future generations."

    Government of Australia 2014
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    "Australia's energy sector needs to deliver growth opportunities while meeting best practice environmental standards and seeking to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions in line with global efforts."

    Business Council of Australia 2014
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    "Carbon farming activities provide farmers and land managers with the potential to benefit financially from reducing carbon pollution while at the same time improving resource management."

    WA Department of Agriculture and Food 2014
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    "Energy efficiency is the 'hidden fuel', one that extends energy supplies, increases energy security, lowers carbon emissions and generally supports sustainable economic growth. Yet it is hiding in plain sight."

    International Energy Agency 2013

Welcome to CCR

We are an organisation focused on helping businesses manage their energy and emissions to save money and become more sustainable. Our diverse team of highly experienced professionals will help you navigate the risks of a constantly changing business, energy, and policy environment to discover the opportunities that will make your organisation more competitive, more profitable and more valuable to society.

Our small but experienced team works with you to understand the individual needs of your organisation and respond with practical and cost effective solutions which deliver real results on the triple bottom line – social, financial, and environmental.

We provide professional services in energy efficiency & process improvement, environmental accounting, and sustainability & carbon management – including the Government's new Emissions Reduction Fund.

We have associated companies which provide energy efficiency products to industry, and offer training and capacity building in the areas of energy and sustainability.